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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ever Wonder why you can't follow more people on your social media accounts. It is because some set limits on the amount of follows without having the followers. It is a way they control spamming.

Twitter Practices

How many people have you followed that haven't followed you back? For me it is a lot. I'm not sure if there is something called common courtesy in the twitter world but I try to follow the people who take the time to follow me. Why not, it is a great way to reach out to people who are interested in what you have to say. I started using a program that allows me to see who is not following me and who unfollows me. If someone happens to unfollow me, I simply unfollow them. Twitter is a great way to learn about new products, blog posts, your favorite celebrity, news and so much more! Keeping a good healthy relationship with your followers is a win win to me.


I follow over 5000 pinners but get followed by only a little over 1400. I go through people who follow me and follow them back! I have found so many great recipes on there. Craft ideas like crazy, need ideas for baby showers, birthdays and pretty much any party you can think of, there are always neat ideas.


What can I say about Instagram other than it is really a great way to see some really awesome pictures. Again I follow way more people than what follow me back. I am ok with this but why not follow those who follow you.

With these few that I mentioned and there are more like Google Plus, Facebook, Sverve, Inlinked and Foursquare. Sadly some of them limit your follows because you don't have the followers. So for me it is just a practice for me to return the favor.


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