Baby Approved baby food

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am loving the new Beech-Nut® baby food and my granddaughter's reaction and love for it. Her newest try was the carrot broccoli & strawberry. As you can see she wanted to open the jar herself.

There are a lot of different combinations. Some of them are just apple and red bean, also sweet potato, orange and pineapple. Strange combinations for me to understand, but Madison seems to love them.

What I love about these new Beech-Nut® baby foods is how they are made with no artificial preservatives. They blend before cooking so nothing is taken out of the food. They use a method called Deaeration, which simply means taking the air out of the food. Their baby food is indirectly heated cooking method. This helps on not getting all of the nutrients out of the food.

I have been totally impressed with their new baby food. Give it a try your baby will love it.

To find out about Beech-Nut new baby food and how they make it go to their website. Beech-Nut®


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