Not to early to prepare winterizing yourself and your home list

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Since I live in the colder region of United States we always have to prepare early. I'm not ready but I decided to prepare the best that I can for it. One major thing is an emergency kit. It is not uncommon for us to go without power due to snow and ice. So get a kit together for emergencies first.
Huge list of items to have for an emergency
At least two flashlights (make sure it works) and batteries(check expiration dates on them)- don't use candles because in an emergency fire you may not be able to be reached by emergency workers.
Cell phone and extra batteries for an emergency. Also buy a portable charger in case you don't have an extra battery.
Battery powered radio for any alerts or updates about weather.
Warmth by extra blankets for everyone in the house. If you have a safe Kerosene burner it would be a good idea to get plenty of fuel. Keep them away from anything that could catch fire. Also make sure that Kerosene heaters are legal in your area. Fireplace get firewood. Have plenty in the home in case you can't get out of the house.
Make sure that you have a way of putting out a fire with an extinguisher and an alarm to alert you of a fire.
Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector also.
Generators are great but only use outdoors. Make sure you have plenty of fuel to run for at least 3 to 4 days.
If you don't have a generator then cooking can be difficult but not impossible. If you can get to your grill then use it, so stock up on propane tanks. Who said grilling is only for summer?
Having these food supplies can greatly keep you from being hungry and no way to get to the store.
Plenty of drinking water for everyone in your family to make it for a week without running water. You can buy storage tanks for water. If you have the room and money if not buy a gallon here and there till you have enough.
If you have an extra source of heat for pipes it is a good idea to have them on the water pipes so that they don't freeze. Of course winterizing them is a must for colder climates. One thing my mom always did was leave them on to slowly drip to keep it flowing.
Food to get for healthy eating when you are unable to cook like you normally would.
Oatmeal for breakfast and frozen fruit to add to your oatmeal.
Peanut butter is a great lunch item.
Tuna or canned chicken for an easy meal you don't have to cook.
Bread and crackers
Canned beans are a great source of protein.
Granola with raisins and nuts
Milk you can keep cold in a room that is not heated.
Healthy soups
You can get produce it should last a week if you buy fresh.
Buy juices for a healthy drink option.
If you have a baby don't forget their food supply of baby food and formula. Have a great stash of Diapers, wipes, ointment, bottles and everything else you would normally have for them.

For your home prepare your home before it even starts to get cold.
Insulate pipes
Water heater blanket
Extra insulation in the attic if possible
Get your gutters cleaned out
Any holes in your homes foundation need to be addressed to keep the cold out.
If you don't have great insulated windows buy a window insulation kit and cover all of your windows.
Check for air around the doors, you can also buy great kits for insulating your door cracks.
Window air conditioners should be removed if not possible insulate around them with kits at your store and cover the air conditioner.
Turn off water valves for hoses outside if possible.
Crawl space is also important to insulate

For your car
Get your car a maintenance check by a certified mechanic
Snow tires for extra traction.
Have a safety kit ready for any possible scenario that may come.
Flashlight extra batteries
Radio with extra batteries
Shovel and kitty litter to get you out if stuck
Water and food
Extra blankets
Booster cables
Chains for tires and chains for towing
First aid kit
Cell Phone and extra battery for emergency calls
Waterproof matches
Map for location
Emergency sign for window

This is a lot but this is a great start for making it a bit easier on you for the Just in case scenarios.

What else am I missing? please comment so I can add


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