11 Steps on Moving with less stress

Monday, September 8, 2014

Moving can be a very stressful time for the whole family. So what can you do to ease into the process and make it less stressful? For me it was a learning process. I moved several times as an adult due to my husband's job and it seems we are probably not done moving.

So for me taking steps can make it a lot easier on everyone.

1. Get kids involved in where they are moving to by taking them to the new home and let them explore. They can pick out their bedrooms and help pick colors and designs of their rooms.

2. Supplies include boxes, tape, newspaper, bubble wrap, hand cart, tools and markers to mark boxes. If you have it in your budget hire a moving company that will box and move your things for you.

3. Do one room at a time. However letting the kids help pack can sometimes slow you down so have them help do their rooms. I know for me my kids would pack anything and everything in their room, including garbage! Make sure you mark the contents and room they will be going to when you move.

4. Get everything together that you will no longer be needing and take it to a donation center or have a Moving Sale. Be sure to advertise that it is a moving sale, they tend to bring a lot of people.

5. When packing opt for a easy meal like take out, on the grill with hotdogs and hamburgers. Go out for a meal! It saves on having to use dishes and washing them. Use your crockpot for a one pot meal if cooking at home is must.

6. Have friends and family help pack items with you and to help you move. I always invite them over for a house warming party after we have settled in. Cook a meal for them as a way of saying Thank you. I always tell them no gifts, we just want to have them over for a meal because we appreciate their help.

7. Gather up all of the utility companies and other bills and start giving them a call to change your address.

8. You can go to the post office and get a moving kit. A lot of times it will have coupons and helpful tips in it for making your move easier. You will be able to do your change of address when you are there.

9. When bringing boxes to your new home put them in the room where the belong as soon as you bring them in the home. This saves a huge pile of boxes that you will have to go through and move again.

10. Get beds set up when everything is in the home. Spend your first night in bed instead of on the floor!

11. If you have the time make some popcorn and pop in a movie for some family fun in your new home.

I was going to add more steps but I think unpacking for me was a slow process. I did however unpack the kitchen and bathrooms first. They are the two rooms that have most of your necessities in them.

Happy Moving and enjoy your new home!


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