Winning A Giveaway?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
What does it take to win? -- Persistence! Means you have to visit that giveaway everyday and do as many optional daily things as possible. Comments, tweets and pins are usually the common ones. I have heard some people say they will do so many of the Facebook likes, twitter likes, comments and pinterest follows at a time then do more to break up and have chunks of entries throughout the giveaway. It takes time to do some giveaways so it seems the best way is to do it that way! Who knows it could help in increasing your odds. I am going to compile a list of blogs that I think are the best with giveaways and are the easiest to enter on another post. I don't have the time to fill out 1000 likes and follows so I avoid most of those. Unless it is something I could really use. Only do ones that you will use or if you know someone can use! A lot of times the prizes make great gifts for friends and family so if you see one you like do it. I know some people are intimidated by giveaways with thousands of entries but honestly it only takes one unless of course their are multiple wins per giveaway. I have won a few with over 20,000 entries so it's possible. I do however avoid the really huge entry ones because they are the ones that have all of the entry options. Don't let me discourage you from doing them though because you never know, you could get lucky and win!


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