Being a Grandma

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
I am so happy I am a grandma but it sure didn't start out that way. I have 5 kids 3 mine 2 hubbies. We have tried hard to blend our family and make it a stable home. They are all almost grown now so I say we did pretty good, however.... It was April of last year My oldest daughter decided to text me that she was pregnant with my granddaughter Madison. She later told me she was scared because she didn't want me to be disappointed. I can't lie I really was disappointed because she was in college her first year and I just saw me through her situation. I too was in first year of college when I had my first daughter. Then a week later my youngest daughter came to me with her boyfriend and I just had a gut feeling that I knew what was coming with their wanting to talk to me. I felt this feeling in my throat and stomach that felt like I was being crushed. She told me that she to was pregnant. Not going to lie the first thing I can think of was to numb the blow I had been dealt in a weeks time. She was my baby how can she be having a baby. She was only 17 years old and has so much ahead of her. Move forward about nine months I was rushing to the hospital to take my middle daughter who had been having contractions all night. After about 6 hours of labor doctor noticed a change in her heart rate and rushed her for an emergency c-section. The nurse came out and said do you want to see your granddaughter. Well duh, lol of course I wanted to see her. I can't tell you how much LOVE I immediately felt for that little bundle! She made me forget about the previous nine months of feeling lost on what could be of my girls lives. She ended up being in the hospital for about 3 days to start healing for c-section. So fast forward to a total of 6 days after my granddaughter was born my youngest my baby herself was in labor. I had literally just got some sleep finally when she called me to take her to hospital. She ended up being in labor for 9 hours with the final result of c-section because my grandson's cord was short and it was being pinched with every contraction. I paced the floor again till about another 30 minutes and the nurse came to me and gave me a funny look. Yes, she recognized me from the previous days with my middle daughter and said Oh my goodness you poor woman but congratulations a healthy baby boy would you like to see him. Again that feeling of LOVE fell over me and I just couldn't help but grin non-stop. Here I was in a matter of 6 days being a grandma twice over. So now I spend as much time as humanly possible with them because they are just such a joy. They are now both 9 months and crawling everywhere. Beautiful babies if I do say so myself!


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