Bottles, Pacifiers and etc.

Thursday, March 26, 2015
I am sure many new moms have asked the same questions or thoughts on what exactly do you need for a new baby! For me it was easier since my children are all adults the options were limited compared to now. We are helping raise our granddaughter and let me tell you I can see how new moms in this day in age can get overwhelmed. Now that we just welcomed a new grand-baby in the family in March we are starting to get a hang of the choices. With the baby #1 she only wanted a certain type of bottle and pacifier. With baby #2 same thing but of course his likes were different than baby #1. Now with baby #3 we are learning that he too has certain ones he likes. Since all three like something different it made me realize just how much of difference each child is from the very beginning. So my solution to new mothers is have a few options or different bottles and nipple types because if you go out and get a specific kind, you may have wasted a ton of money! With a first baby it's great to have that baby shower were you get a bunch of different types of everything. Not so much the case with consecutive babies. So how much of difference? Well with baby #1 she wanted Playtex Nurser bottles with replaceable bags and MAM pacifiers. Baby #2 wanted only Dr. Brown Bottles and Playtex Pacifiers. With baby #3 he is nursing so no bottles yet but for a pacifier only the one that came from hospital. The good news is that their needs and wants will change as they get older for most babies. For the oldest two they are no longer picky about their bottles and are using sippy cups. When it comes to sippy cups though, most of the time they will take what you give them as long as they are easy to drink out of and easy to hold. For me though it is all about if they leak at all! So many great options out there but my favorite is MAM sippy cups and Tommee Tippee. Fantastic brands who definitely know what they are doing. Don't be afraid to try the different brands out there because you never you can find some of the cheaper ones are great too! I almost love this series of discovering new products and how well they will work for you baby I will continue with different baby essentials on later posts. Can't wait to get to the diapers posts. I have a certain brand that I prefer over others and trust me we have tried a lot of them. Here's a hint though... Pampers Swaddlers. hehe I had to!! I just can't say enough about these diapers.


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